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Lost 01:19
Yeah you’ve given up Don’t seem like the life of a sinner Nobody said you were wrong Just the wrong side of the track Once you go you never go back But give me a sign cause i’m lost Sitting at the table of a ghost I’m hungry This loneliness is a bad host Yeah this house is empty And I’ve never seen it so big I sleepwalk from room to room And I don’t fucking know what I bloom into I miss you, where are you? I’ve been drowned into deep Just send me a sign And I’ll finally sleep All I remember is a shadow on the porch when it’s dark A glance like a treasure That could turn an old slum Into the most beautiful mansion Ten years I’ve been crying Tears on your headstone I give it to your bones Hoping something would grow But my heart’s so rough I’ve been moaning enough And now it’s time to go I will stand tall and proud Yeah I’ve learned from you what Means Life, I’ll never doubt. All I remember is a shadow on the porch when it’s dark A glance like a treasure That could turn an old slum Into the most beautiful mansion Into the most beautiful mansion Now, I’ve got to deal with silence When a simple word is disturbance You were the only one that found a balance Between selfishness and distance And by this cold night I pray on your grave For you to find a better world A place where you’d still be amazed For the million years to come
Engraved 02:40
Will you shed some tears When this headstone will be engraved? With a name that sounds familiar Will you act the same behavior? Will you be my last betrayer? Some questions seem peculiar But I got to know the answers So I can live my life to a safer future Love (Has) always been a plague to me Coming from nowhere Contagious as the flu Vague as to me and you Laughs Could be the last free thing I recognize the joy you bring Our last regret ’s we could have been engaged Our last request’s we could relive these years If you look into my eyes I won’t look away Don’t go away from me Will you shed some tears When this headstone will be engraved? Will you find comfort again Into someone else’s arms Into someone else’s dreams Someone else’s feelings As if our love ain’t got no meaning Don’t lean on me no more I’ll stay forever in your thoughts So don’t feel down The best is yet to come Live your life with a new hope We’ll start a brand new life now The best is yet to come The biggest challenge is now
Try to do my best And fight the life with strength and hope Broken Family Unshed tears and heavy heart A weeping sister with broken dreams Worse than a curse Shouts and screams I used to bear Back from school like a lonely child Back to school with a broken mind Now I walk alone Like a wolf Like a wolf Like a fucking wolf Remember the ache no more Our love is dead Burn my head And bury my fucking pain My fucking pain It hurts so bad Scars wide open I’m a kid, just a kid tears stream down my face Where is the cure God, help! Where is the cure It’s been seven years, seven long years We’ve come a long way Since the tragedy I grew up And now I’m proud Chin up! Never bow! It’s never too late to do things right Heads up Don’t be shy Stronger than ever Never say never Heal your wounds My heart on the sleeve Help each other It’s never too late It’s never too late It’s never too late It’s never It’s never It’s never too late
Psyche 03:51
Falling into the arms of the unknown It’s the same shit every night Falling in a dream you and I we’ve blown Will we ever see the light ? Well it’s the same streets In the same town And the same scene Turning obscene With your eyes closed when desire grows don’t ask a question don’t pay attention It’ll be another day Then another night You put your trust in every single eye Don’t let them see that once again you lied Can’t hide pain for so long so stop denying Nobody cares for god’s sake stop complaining Once again you come outside and see those pretty lights Nobody will force your hand to take another glass If drugs don’t work don’t be a jerk and take another one And if it all goes dark just close your eyes you know you’ve come too far Don’t be afraid of The sad reflection In the mirror Your own perception Look at this body Going chubby Maybe a baby In your belly Everyone know the coffin waits for it You’ve killed the life that could have save yours Your trip through hell is not over Like the endless fall of a giant boulder Same you’ve got at your ankle What will you say when angels knock at your door? Layin' in the ambulance Your body’s so cold No sound, no words, no light Who got the last glance? The one beyond, beyond the mirror
Faceless 03:15
As I’m standing in front of the mirror Staring at my myself, gathering my thoughts Those fucking years passed and I did see nothing Wrinkles getting deeper as the end’s getting near Time flies you cannot trade this I’m trying hard to stop the clock’s spinning And I will go down the hill With some foreboding Nobody’s fearless Here’s some words for the cowards, the faithless Those who have given up Those overwhelmed with emptiness Too scared to face a new day Too scared to sleep Cause a nightmare’s waiting. I take a walk in the messy garden Broken toys scattered on the grass Kids grew up and things have changed Six years... Your body’s nothing but dust Your absence still feels like an heavy weight I feel myself decaying more and more I’m spinning ‘round and round like a broken record As I’m already dead I drink myself away Till the day I see you again Son, we gotta go on Find the shiny light behind the storm There’s no time for you to waste Feed on life and its sweet taste Don’t live your life as you browse a book Getting lost within pages One day we’ll all be ashes Just right it as a novel Chapters like levels And climb the landings to the top Strong as an ox that you can’t stop I hope you will be ok
Smokescreen 04:30
Fake grin in the mirror Pale skin and extra makeup I Let it go Feel low But high above it all High above it all Green eyes, dark hair No she won’t take the first step So good about herself She’ll never gonna let me in Once again I’m lying to myself As always It’s finally time to see the truth And turn my gaze on someone new But it’s a smokescreen A fucking smokescreen Empty as a dead shell Innocent soul in hell Innocent soul in hell Fuck no, she’s not that innocent She proves me right everyday Her big mouth can’t hold her serpent’s tongue Her pride’s big enough to piss me of So sick to find some excuses She’s evil, if only you could see What’s left for me If I give everything Is this the price of my feelings? When all she does is cheating Take care of me See inside I’m sinking What’s left of me She wreck everyone she meets Now you know My friends say I’m mistaking Just let things go My hate is overwhelming Now you know First love can be sickening Let it go Let things go Keep this in mind She would do everything Feet on the ground To send me six feet deep She’s not the one Don’t be miserable Let her go Let her go The night is cold The silence’s gold Before our love becomes a crime tonight, she’s not alone I knew it from the start And the proof just breaks my heart It’s a smokescreen A fucking smokescreen The bible says liars burn in hell And I’ll laugh as she’ll scream I know I’ll see you there Staring at her gettin’ undressed I’m not afraid I’m about to make her pay One last time we’re face to face Damn she’s beautiful But the gun is loaded the bullet spray, blood on the wall Then the time stand still (I) realize what I did I put the gun in my mouth Then …
This bright day is an eternity An empty mind filled with tragedies A shelter for hypocrisy Good luck dad, don’t waste your time on me Don’t praise a day that’s gonna bury you Some pretty lights but they don’t shine on you You’re alone but you keep it cool Counting days hoping for something new Wrong choices made in wrong time I understand that’s why you lost your mind But you keep walking down the line And fuck things up siping good old wine Now you’re sick and laying on your bed With this ache running through your veins I wonder why we cannot start again And play pretend I’m proud to wear your name You’re still breathing I’m hoping it could last I’m still begging God to bring back the past Let’s play pretend we have another chance Now you’re a good dad caring for his kids This time you’ve never been in jail This time the judge never heard your name This time mom is proud to marry you You’re not drunk when she talks to you She didn’t crush your foot escaping you Of course you’re still married it’s been 32 years Forgive me dad but I keep it real Not a monster but a stranger to me Don’t ask for change but please win the fight Stars are expected to shine by night You’ll see someday i’ll have kids and wife It’s not time yet for you to stop your life You will hug them and kiss their cheeks And visit us more than twice a week I know that someday we’re all gonna die But not now please it’s not the right time God’s mind is fucking sordid Gathering my relatives where I can’t be Now fight, please fight Don’t let that bastard take you back If you need some prayers I’ll be there Or just someone you can talk to, From man to man
Now you’re warned And you’ve been all along my friend But as youth is complicated Adult life is overrated Innocence is a gift You sell to the first fool coming Among sinners you sin And it’s a personal thing You have to keep inside your mind They say trust And you trust They say run And you run Away from good days gone A teenage beauty has no name In the eye of a young male Remember the age of feelings Good education schooled in vain It’s a sign of the time we live in Do not spit on the face Of a dirty learning process (Which) forces you to be the best They say shout And you shout They tell you not to doubt But you doubt They say live But you survive Love! But you’re barely standing Hell is the others Their way do reveal the evilness within They expect you to loose They don’t want you to try Too scared to let you think Authority is lie Authority is lie Eat, sleep, fuck, drink Then forget You’re a legal slave Watch them all around you Pretending to know that secret Of that happiness you chase While they’re only godforsaken So glad to stand in balance At the edge of a cliff Cause it’s not the fall you must fear But only the landing The sound your body makes Reminds you your mistakes A man can make progress But you choose to ignore it And they jail the one pretending That the machine’s no longer workin’
Solace 03:13


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released May 22, 2020


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KROD RECORDS Berlin, Germany

Punk / Rock Record Label

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