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Life Goes On


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Life Goes On 03:02
There’s nothing that you can expect from them I could not see the light goes on in their eyes, everything turned upside down Every day was dull and uninspired, why did it take so long? It should have been easier if I should have taken time before speakin If I only have taken time to think. Let your tears help you feel better, don't try to hold them in, Tell yourself it's sorrow rolling down your cheeks Let your tears away Cry aloud, spare not and show the world that you’re existing by yourself.
Siren Song 02:11
Conformity, follow the procedures. What was success out there is failure over here. They’re trying to make you someone you’re not, trying to conform your point of view. You’re losing yourself but I’d like to think the best is yet to come But it’s too late for some of us, who became a caricature of themselves. Don't knock it before you've tried it or we will be condemned to go backwards separately. Please be strong, it’s so easy to give in to the siren song. They can’t breath without you but you only want the best for you.
Writing was a painful time as a reminder of what I was unable to define. I spent long hours at my computer unable to write a line. Always thinking that my story will need to be rewritten. Time will move on! Many mistakes I made put doubts into my mind about what I was able to realize. Fear made me lose my voice and hesitation made me lose a lot of time. Sometimes… Music should not be an excuse for youth to believe that revolt and anger will be the keys to their problems. I’m not your father nor your friend, your teacher or your prophet but accept this little piece of advice: avoid gazing at yourself, turn your eyes to the world.
I think of all the things I do and I still hold the thought of you. Lucky I am to have you by my side. Always here when I’m down, you are the shoulder on which I can rest, the heart on which I can count. You’re always here when I need you most. Today, tomorrow, I’ll believe in you. Let me reassure you, it’s our ordinary life I love the most. May I kiss your lips one more time? I traded my vans, I changed my shirts, I brushed my hair for you. For you, I walk the line.
Insert Coins 02:34
I’ll never get younger, my muscles are getting atrophied but I keep remembering all the good memories. I would give a million to watch the Goonies again. Playing with my TMNT toys on the playground. I remember when i first step in a place full of arcade cabinets I spent my first saving in Mortal Kombat game. It never lasted more than two minutes. 1992, there’s no reason for feeling blue because Santa Claus brings my NES tonight! Nowadays Joysticks have changed as the size of my hands, you can’t catch up on time, retro games became fashionable. Why is time moving so fast?
I know you’ve tried to reach the sky but the only thing you found is a slap from the stars. Is that not putting the fox in charge of the henhouse? Too young to die, too young to realize Too young, too smart to swallow their lies. Apple does not fall far from the tree. You fool, you’ll learn that time makes you old But experiences make you wiser. The godless thing I’ve learned is that nice guys finish last
Can you hear the sound while some of us are selling out in style? You thought we’d break up years ago but we’ve kept the way we choose to sail. I know won’t be giving up I know it’s hard…sometimes… When we look back into the past, things happened so fast. We did everything we could to face the facts. Some things have to change with the times, and other things must stay the same. I know won’t be giving up I know it’s hard…sometimes… We hung on through thick and thin, weathering successive musical fads, Knowing that music alone would make us tick and nothing was going to stop us from making a career out of it. We will achieve our goals and there is no reason we could not. Step by step we have realized that time consumes us, hundreds of memories. We need to accept ourselves and situations as they are.
We enjoy the grace of nature each moment, and I hope we will not take it for granted, but express our thanks and love all the time to mother earth. Please do not take this personally but if you’re judging individuals life, you’d better understand what you're looking at. We aim to fight all forms of violence We need to see the brighter side of what we're doing with our lives Before we could no longer face ourselves in the mirror.
What is wonderful about stories is that I never forget the beginning « once upon a time ». Yours began years ago when mom and I were holding hands never knowing that you would fill our lives with joy so fast. You’re my Cinderella. I’ll be the first one who will draw your lines, leading you to the way of happiness. You will not always be accepting my decisions, my intentions, my resolutions, my determination But I want you to remember that all I did, I did it for love. I told myself that if I had to write a song about you it will be fully charged with energy and catchy as you are. Good night my dear, the bed monsters, I made them disappear.
When your heart was on fire, they didn't bring you water but gasoline. Time consumes you and every hope you had faded away. Like a scaring crow floating around your bottle of wine They found you, soul away, laying on the floor. Nobody heard the sound of clinking glass and desperate cries. You left some kind of hate and tears behind. Alone you died. Why do we have to leave when everybody has already gone? A fiery love that burned like a cigarette I often think about you and how we forgot to mention your name. I never saw my mother cry but I knew a part of her also died.


Spotify: spoti.fi/2lvxJCB
Deezer: www.deezer.com/fr/artist/163449
Apple Music: apple.co/3uaP9XO
Amazon Music: amzn.to/3CPbWeU
Facebook: bit.ly/FAW-Facebook
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released April 14, 2016

Recorded, mixed & mastered at Useless Pride Records by Laurent Bringer.
Artwork Cover by Antoine Lanau.

Performed by:
Vocals: Quentin Rettig
Guitar: Mathieu Agest
Bass: Antoine Lanau
Drums: Bastien Souyeux


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KROD RECORDS Berlin, Germany

Punk / Rock Record Label

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